8th Dec, 2022


Shipping carriers are the services that deliver your customers' orders. If you want to track down your product, follow the instructions below. Click on the Add new carries. The carrier is the company that transports the goods on behalf of the shipper. Shipping carriers transport packages on behalf of senders, known as shippers, to recipients, known as consignees. 

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Shipping> Carries> Add New> SL> Name> Activate> Action> Select.}

 The cheapest way to ship a package will depend on factors such as package size and weight, as well as distance and delivery speed. Generally, you can add on new carriers to track down the product as well as delivery. 

1- Carries

2- Add a New

3- SL

4- Name

5- Activate

6- Action

7- Select for Edit or Delete it. 

Add New Carries:

This section is specially designed for the product tracking URL or to track down, A customer can understand the situation or knowingly find out the product's place. A tracking URL is a special type of URL that is used to track clicks and measure the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. This URL is a unique and customised web address that is created specifically for a particular marketing campaign. Fill the empty boxes from Name, Tracking Url & product Logo. Don’t forget to save it.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Shipping> Add New Carrier> Name> Tracking URL> Logo> Browse Image> Submit or Cancel.}

Shipment Tracking URL used for tracking your items. Your item's current location, expected arrival date and more info you can find out from the Shipment Tracking number only. Each Carrier has its specific URL to track items. You just have to pass a tracking number to check your shipment status.

1- Add New Carrier

2- Name

3- Tracking URL

4- Logo

5- Browse the Image

6- Submit or Cancel it.