8th Dec, 2022

A Shipping Order is a document issued by the carrier confirming a shipment's booking. Processing a shipping order can be a customer means verifying order data and ensuring it’s accurate. A Shipping Order (SO) is a document issued by the carrier that confirms a shipment's booking on a vessel. An SO will contain the location of the empty container for pickup, and may also contain booking details like the vessel number and sailing time. Standard shipping or delivery refers to regular shipping. It does not include shipping overnight or any special provisions to deliver products fast. Usually, standard shipping is cheaper and done via surface couriers.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Shipping> Shipping Orders> Date> Carrier> Method> Tracking ID> Search or Reset> Set Pickup Location> SL> Date> Order ID> Tracking ID> Shipping Method> Carrier> Packaging> Action> Select.}

An order is the complete order of a customer. When an order is sent to the system, a payment will automatically be created. The actual payment your customer has to fulfil. The 'shipment' is used to show an order has been sent.

1- Shipping Orders

2- Date

3- Carrier

4- Method

5- Tracking ID

6- Search or Reset

7- Set Pickup Location

8- SL

9- Date

10- Order ID

11- Tracking ID

12- Shipping Method

13- Carrier

14- Packaging

15- Action

16- Select For Label, Invoice, Shipping, Packaging, and Address.

Customer Address Update:

Customer Address means the address provided by the Customer on the Website being shipping info & Billing Info, e-mail and/or a physical address. This address will also appear on the invoice rendered to the Customer by the Company.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Shipping> Shipping Orders> Select> Address> Customer Address Update> Shipping info> Billing info> Name> Email> Phone> Address> Postal code> Country> State> City> Submit/ Cancel.}

Alternatively, you can change the Customer Address while processing Sales Order, and Reviewing the customer invoice. Often there is an option for the customer to write in the new account information. 

1- Shipping Orders  

2- Customer Address Update

3- Shipping info

4- Billing info can be the same as shipping info or would be different depending on user choice. 

5- Name

6- Email

7- Phone

8- Address

9- Postal code

10- Country

11- State

12- City

13- Submit/ Cancel.