Delivery Process

8th Dec, 2022

Customers can track down the delivery process, even shipping & receiving the updated result. The three stages of the shipping process consist of receiving, processing, and fulfilling an order. These stages impact how quickly and accurately you can prepare a customer order and have it shipped directly to its end destination. E-commerce shipping is the way in which products ordered online are delivered to the location of the buyer.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Delivery Process> Add New Delivery Process> Process> Description> Save> Delivery Process> ID> Process> Description> Action> Select.}

Online ordering systems operate similarly to online takeaway. Your customer orders online complete their payment and can then get their food delivered or pick it up at your store. The ordering process is easy: Your customer browses your online menu on their laptop or mobile phone.

1- Delivery Process

2- Add New Delivery Process

3- Process> Description

4- Save

5- Delivery Process

6- ID

7- Process

8- Description

9- Action

10- Select

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