14th Dec, 2022

Bank Recharge Transactions:

A recharge transaction means the user has used the recharge option available. Online banking allows you to access your accounts and make various financial transactions on the Internet. The customer chooses an item to purchase and completes the checkout process. They'll choose to pay via credit/debit card and enter their card details on your payment page.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Bank Recharge> Bank Recharge Transactions> SL> Date> Email> TXN ID> Amount> Type> Payment Method> Approval.}

They are also known as online payment systems. Normally e-payment is done via debit, credit cards, direct bank deposits, and e-checks, other alternative e-payment methods like e-wallets, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers are also gaining popularity.

1- Bank Recharge

2- Bank Recharge Transactions

3- SL

4- Date

5- Email


7- Amount

8- Type

9- Payment Method

10- Approval