14th Dec, 2022

Offline Recharge:

Signup for your wallet site using your Mobile number and Email ID. After logging in, you will find SMS and Phone transactions activated on click. Add some balance to your wallet from banks, or even Cash Pay by offline service is available. If you had done it, then the admin panel approved this procedure. A transaction which does not need internet or telecommunication connectivity is referred to as offline digital payment. Payment can be done face-to-face (proximity method) through any medium or instrument, such as cards, wallets, and mobile devices, in the offline mode.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Offline Recharge> Add new Offline Recharge> SL> Date> Email> TXN ID> Amount> Type> Payment Method> Approval> Action.}

An offline digital payment means a transaction which does not require internet or telecom connectivity. Under this new framework, such payments can be carried out face-to-face (proximity mode) using any channel or instrument like cards, wallets, mobile devices, etc. Offline payment technology has made digital transactions more accessible to those in rural areas who lack internet and mobile connection or whose connection is not good enough. Plus, those who don't have access to a cash ATM can also use these services.

1- Offline Recharge

2- Add new Offline Recharge

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7- Amount

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9- Payment Method

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Enter Your Amount To Recharge:

When you click on Offline Recharge, it will automatically open on another interface that enters your amount to recharge. Fill the empty box with the user type, name, amount & any comment. The total limit for offline transactions on a payment instrument shall be? At any point in time. An offline payment means a transaction that does not require internet or telecom connectivity to take effect.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Enter Your Amount To Recharge> User Type> Name> Amount> Any Comment> Continue.}

An online debit card uses the EFT network to deduct funds from the consumer's account immediately. On the other hand, offline debit card uses credit card networks to process the transaction in one to two business days. When you choose to bypass your PIN to complete the transaction, your purchase is taken offline.

1- Enter Your Amount To Recharge

2- User Type

3- Name

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