17th Jan, 2023

Sidebar Manager:

You can change the order of items in the sidebar from your site Customizer. Click on the Widgets section of the Customizer, then select Sidebar. The sidebar traditionally goes on the left or the top side because important links are much needed for quicker access and need to be drawn attention to by the user. 

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Sidebar Manager> Sidebar Manager (super)> Add Section> Name> Save> Menu List> Live Preview> Reset To Default.}

If you want to organise Amazcart Sidebar Manager then go to the new interface to find the Sidebar Manager For below the Add Section. The Sidebar menu will recognize the all functionality that can be customer relocated to the option where they want to look for. 

1- Sidebar Manager

2- Sidebar Manager For (super)

3- Add Section

4- Name

5- Save

6- Menu List

7- Live Preview

8- Reset To Default at the end you think you want to reset your sidebar then click on Reset To Default, it will automatically be preformatted to your sidebar.