14th Feb, 2023

A chart of accounts (COA) is a financial, organizational tool that provides an index of every account in an accounting system. This provides insight into all the financial transactions of the company. Here, an account is a unique record for each type of asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense. It helps you keep track of where the money comes from and goes. A chart of accounts is integral to your bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Chart Of Accounts> Add Chart Of Accounts> SL> Type> Name> Code> Parent Account> Balance> Status> Action> Select.}

To avoid mistakes, businesses use a chart of accounts – a list of records for each type of asset, liability, equity, revenue, and expense, which are organized into a variety of specific accounts.

1- Chart Of Accounts

2- Add Chart Of Accounts

3- SL 

4- Type

5- Name

6- Code

7- Parent Account

8- Balance

9- Status

10- Action

11- Select For edit or Delete.

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Chart Of New Account:

This is another name for the chart of accounts, we call these the “balance sheet” accounts because we need them to create a balance sheet for your business, which is one of the most commonly used financial statements. This is a list of general ledger accounts master data that fall under different account groups of the company code which helps to generate different financial statements for legal reporting. Company accounts comprise a profit and loss account, a balance sheet and detailed notes to the accounts. These are the essential elements of the AmazCart Chart of new accounts. In addition to this, accounts will also include an accountant's report and a director's report.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Chart Of Accounts> Add Chart Of Accounts> New Account> Parent Account> Name> Code> Type> Description> Default For> Opening Balance> Active> Submit.}

If you want to create a new chart of accounts then go to the AmazCart dashboard to click on the Account section to plus a chart of accounts. In accounting, a standard chart of accounts is a numbered list of the accounts that comprise a company's general ledger. Furthermore, the company chart of accounts is basically a filing system for categorizing all of a company's accounts as well as classifying all transactions according to the accounts they affect.

1- New Account

2- Parent Account

3- Name

4- Code

5- Type

6- Description

7- Default For

8- Opening Balance

9- Active

10- Submit

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