22nd Dec, 2022

GST Setting:

The full form of GST is the Goods and Services Tax. The GST category applies to taxes levied on interstate purchases or supplies of taxable services and imported goods. The Central Government collects GST, which is distributed among all the respective states.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> GST Setting> GST/VAT/TAX Configuration> Delivery Inside State> Delivery Outside State> Update> Add Group> Name> Category> Same State GST/VAT/TAX> Name> Value> Outsite State GST/VAT/TAX> Name> Value> Save> Group List> ID> Name> Same State GST/VAT/TAX> Out Side State GST/VAT/TAX> Action> Select.}

Quickly set up GST Setting rates to be a part of GST/VAT/TAX Configuration, which has to include Delivery Inside the State & Delivery Outside the State. 

1- GST Setting

2- GST/VAT/TAX Configuration

3- Delivery Inside the State

4- Delivery Outside the State

5- Update

6- Add Group

7- Name

8- Category

9- Same State GST/VAT/TAX

10- Name

11- Value

12- Outsite State GST/VAT/TAX

13- Name

14- Value

15- Save

16- Group List

17- ID

18- Name

19- Same State GST/VAT/TAX

20- Out Side State GST/VAT/TAX

21- Action

22- Select for Edit or Delete.