22nd Dec, 2022


VAT is Value Added Tax, a consumption tax applied to the purchase price of goods and services. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax and is a consumption tax imposed upon the cost of goods and services. GST and VAT are taxes that share the same characteristics but have different names. 

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> GST/VAT/TAX List> Add New GST/VAT/TAX> Name> Rate> Status> Save> GST/VAT/TAX all List> SL> Name> Rate> Status> Action> Select.}

You will see all transaction lists when you click on GST/VAT/TAX List. Fill on the Name bar. Bangladesh's sales Tax Rate remained unchanged at 15 % at the maximum and minimum rates.  


2- Add New GST/VAT/TAX

3- Name

4- Rate

5- Status

6- Save

7- GST/VAT/TAX all List

8- SL means Serial Number.

9- Name

10- Rate

11- Status

12- Action

13- Select For Edit & Delete.