E-commerce is an increasingly attractive and smart way to build the multiple income streams you need for real wealth. The State of E-commerce is a landmark study intended to inform new standards of excellence and provide clear calls to action for winning in eCommerce. The country or state available for services on your website is important to capturing your unique audience.

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Setup> Location> State> Add state> Name> Country List> Status> Save it> State List> SL> Name> Country> Status> Action> Select> edit.}

Creating an eCommerce experience sure to delight your customers can be as simple as tracking your website services availability. If you want to add the state on your site, go to the setup & you will see the add state interface. Add the state Name, which is more obtainable &

accessible for customers.

1- State

2- Add state

3- Name

4- Country List

5- Status

6- Save it

7- State List

8- SL means Serial Number

9- Name

10- Country

11- Status

12- Action

13- Select for edit.