Add a new tag for professionals working in the marketing analytics space. A web tag is a tool used to gather data to add functionality to a website. You can add tags one at a time by clicking the Add button or hitting the Enter keyboard after typing each tag or you can add multiple tags at a time by separating them with a comma as you type. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> Setup> Tag> Add New Tag> Name> Save it> Tags> ID> Name> Select> Copy ID> Edit> Delete.} 

Categories and tags are not critical for SEO. However, they can affect other elements that influence your search engine rankings, such as your site's overall user experience. So add a tag to a relatable name or any word representing your website & save it. You also can rewrite or delete your tag on the select option.

1- Tag

2- Add a new Tag

3- Name

4- Save it

5- Tags

6- ID

7- Name

8- Select for Copy ID, Edit, and Delete.