30th Dec, 2022

Flutterwave Payment:

Flutterwave a technical software partner for banks and financial services providers, uses Payment Account Attributes Inquiry, Foreign Exchange Rates, and Visa Direct to bring the convenience of new features like digital payments to consumers across Africa and beyond. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Payment Gateways> Flutterwave Payment> Public Key> Secret Key> Secret Hash> Gateway Logo> Update.}

The Flutterwave payment public key to get used to Log in to your Flutterwave dashboard. Navigate to Settings. Select the API Keys to open in the Developers section of the menu to view and copy your keys. A secret key is the most powerful type of key that authorizes any action on your account, so it should never be exposed to the public. 

1- Flutterwave Payment

2- Public Key

3- Secret Key

4- Secret Hash

5- Gateway Logo

6- Update it.