Razorpay is India's first full-stack financial solutions company. Razorpay works with the acquiring bank to settle the transaction amount to the merchant. Razorpay helps you accept online payments from customers across Desktop, Mobile web, Android & iOS. Additionally, by using Razorpay Payment Links, you can collect payments across multiple channels like SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Chatbots & Messenger.

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Payment Gateways> Razorpay> Razor_Key> RazorPay Secret Key> Gateway Logo> Update.}

The Razor API key is a combination of the Razor key_id and key_secret and is required to make any API request to Razorpay. You must also implement the API key in your code as part of your integration process.

1- Razorpay

2- Razor_Key

3- RazorPay Secret Key and Key ID credentials and how do you generate them? Key ID and API Key are used as security credentials for authenticating the user. They are used to prevent your account from being abused. We strongly advise you not to share your Key ID and API Key with anyone.

4- Gateway Logo

5- Update it.