16th Jan, 2023

Activity Logs:

A log analyzer tool can effectively analyze the recorded data generated from a busy site in a timely manner. The analysis of data recorded in web server log files is a basic way of capturing the knowledge of web server workload and the behaviour of Web users. 

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Activity Logs> SL> Type> Description> URL> IP> Agent> Attempted AT> User> Clean All.

If you want to analyse your customer activity logs on your website go to the Amazcart dashboard to find the All Activity logs, you will see the all history of their data integrity.

1- Activity Logs

2- SL means Serial Number

3- Type

4- Description

5- URL means A Uniform Resource Locator, colloquially termed as a web address, is a reference to a web resource.

6- IP is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network.

7- Agent

8- Attempted AT

9- User

10- Clean All

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