20th Dec, 2022

Product reviews are defined as electronic word-of-mouth written and released by consumers on the Internet, enabling people to quickly obtain opinions and personal experiences of different products from unknown individuals. A report about a product written by a customer on a commercial website to help people decide if they want to buy it: Product reviews on AmazCart give an average of four stars.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Review> Product Review> All Review> Pending> Decline> All Product Review List> SL> Rating> Customer Feedback> Status> Customer & Time> Approve> Select.}

If you want to deny any review, follow this step at a select product review. All reviews will be shown on this interface; also, you can check on the Pending list or declined list and click on the Select option to deny any review.  

1- Product Review

2- All Review

3- Pending

4- Decline

5- All Product Review List

6- SL

7- Rating

8- Customer Feedback

9- Status

10- Customer & Time

11- Approve

12- Select for Deny.