How To Configuration Affiliate Setting

26th Apr, 2023

Affiliate Setting:

This article provides an overview of the various settings and customizations available to AmazCart Affiliates. This affiliate configuration has to be set on the minimum withdrawal, balance add account after in days, wallet transfer approval, referral duration type & days. Although you have to create a cron job URL for commission patent status, commission type & amount. 

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Affiliate> Affiliate Setting> Configurations> Minimum Withdraw> Balance Add Account After [In Days]> Wallet Transfer Approval Need> Affiliate User Approval> Referral Duration Type> Referral Duration [In Days]> Cron Job URL For Commission Payment Status (Set With Daily)> Commission Type> Amount Type> Commission Amount> Update.} 

If you want to set the AmazCart affiliation configurations then go to the dashboard to find the Affiliate Setting.

1- Affiliate Setting

2- Configurations

3- Minimum Withdraw

4- Balance Add Account After [In Days]

5- Wallet Transfer Approval Need can be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

6- Affiliate User Approval can be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

7- Referral Duration Type can be One time, Life time[All Purchase] or Fixed it.

8- Referral Duration [In Days]

9- Cron Job URL For Commission Payment Status (Set With Daily) means Cron is a utility program that lets users input commands for scheduling tasks repeatedly at a specific time. Tasks scheduled in cron are called cron jobs.

10- Commission Type can be product-wise or category-wise. 

11- Amount Type can be Percentage or Flat.

12- Commission Amount

13- Update it.