13th Feb, 2023

In other words, a referral code is a type of special ID – a unique combination of numbers and letters that's assigned to a person, the referrer, who wants to participate in a referral program, such as a refer-a-friend program. E-commerce referral programs are specifically designed by brands for their existing customer base. This program incentivizes and rewards customers for sending out referrals to bring new leads to the business. Most loyalty programs focus on the retention of customers to increase a business's profitability.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Marketing> Referral Code Setup> Update> Amount> Maximum Limit> Status> Update> Referral Code List> SL> Code> Customer Name> Create Date> Status.}

There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to creating a referral code itself. As we said, it’s just a number or an alphanumeric combination. In eCommerce, referral codes are usually offered for discounts. So when users shop online they can apply their code at checkout and that discount is applied immediately. But for other types of businesses, referral codes are just another option to promote their rewards, whatever they might be. However, the working process is almost the same for all of them. 

1-  Referral Code Setup

2- Update

3- Amount

4- Maximum Limit

5- Status

6- Update

7- Referral Code List

8- SL

9- Code

10- Customer Name

11- Create a Date

12- Status