13th Feb, 2023

An e-commerce subscription company sells its products on a recurring basis online. Typically, it sells and ships products to customers on a monthly or quarterly basis. A subscription-based business model is based on selling a product or service in return for a recurring monthly fee. You can offer content, software, service, or even physical products as long as the customers are willing to pay for them.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Marketing> Subscribers> Subscriber List> SL> Email> Date> Status> Is Verified> Action> Select.}

Whenever a visitor leaves without a trace, you are leaving money on the table. You want to take every opportunity you have to get more email subscribers and stay in touch with them. That's what email marketing is all about. Every time a visitor tries to exit your site, there’s an opportunity for generating a new subscriber.

1- Subscribers

2- Subscriber List SL

3- Email

4- Date

5- Status

6- Is Verified

7- Action

8- Select For Delete or Send verify link.