25th Jan, 2023

A human resources (HR) department performs human resource management functions, such as finding, hiring, training, and supporting new employees. Its function includes: Reviewing resumes. Keeping track of employee information. Human Resource activities fall under 7 core functions: Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Employment Law and Compliance, Compensation and Benefits and Administration, and Payroll & HR Systems. One of HR's primary roles is managing payment and benefits for an organization's staff. Proper management of compensation, time off, and insurance is what keeps employee satisfaction high. As a human resource manager, you'll be in charge of distributing, communicating, and improving compensation and benefits packages. A human resources professional must understand the functional areas of their department so they can assist employees as needed. At the same time, they must also develop plans to expand human resources practices so they can have a positive impact on the rest of the organization.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Human Resource> Department> Department List> SL> Name> Details> Status> Action> Select> Add New Department> Name> Details> Status> Save.}

If you want to separately assign Human resource functionality then go to Department[1] option to find the Department List[2], SL[3], Name[4], Details[5], Status[6], Action[7] below the Select[8] option here to Edit or Delete any of department which you already included. Click on Add New Department [9] to see the new interface like fill in the Name[10], and Details[11] about your HR department, also you can your Status Active or Inactive[12] & hit the Save[13] button.