25th Jan, 2023

Whether you want to enter the field of human resources or are a professional HR representative looking to expand your skills, an online HR course can help you achieve your goals. Staffing refers to the continuous process of finding, selecting evaluating and developing a working relationship with current or future employees. The main goal of staffing is to fill the various roles within the company with suitable candidates. You often hear people say, “HR works for the company, not the employees.” That's hundred percent true! But that doesn't mean that HR is inherently untrustworthy or that you should expect them to be adversarial if you go to them with a problem. It just means that HR's function is to serve the needs of the company. Traditionally, HR focused on hiring, firing and the old-school annual pay review. But more recently HR has been positively reframed and now covers a much wider remit. Basic functions of HR include Recruitment, Onboarding, Managing payroll, Employee benefits, Holiday management, Training and development, Employment law compliance & Safety compliance.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Human Resource> Staff> Staff List> SL> Name> UserName> Email> Phone> Role> Status> Department> Registered Date> Action> Select> Add New Staff> Basic Info> Role> Department> Email (Use As User Name)> First Name> Last Name> Phone> Password> Date of Birth> Address> Browse File> Date of Joining> Applicable For Leave> Bank Info> Bank Name> Branch Name> Account Name> Account Number> Save.

If you want to assign new staff to the Human Resource section then go to the Staff[1] option to see the Staff List[2], you can see the already included member as SL[3], Name[4], UserName[5], Email[6], Phone[7], Role[8], Status[9], Department[10], Registered Date[11], Action[12] & Select[13] option has View, Edit & Delete option that you can rewrite any of staff information. However you can check on the Add New Staff[14], or fill on the Basic Info[15], Role[16], Department[17], Email (Use As User Name)[18], First Name[19], Last Name[20], Phone[21], Password[22], Date of Birth[23], Address[24], Browse File[25], Date of Joining[26], Applicable For Leave[27], Bank Info[28], Bank Name[29], Branch Name[30], Account Name[31], Account Number[32] & Save[33] it.