How To Setup Wholesale price

2nd May, 2023

Add New Product:

This section is operating to add new wholesale prices, if you want to set the wholesaling price or distribute the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers; to industrial, commercial, institutional or other professional business users; or to other wholesalers and related subordinated services. 

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Products> Add New Product> Product Information> Type> Name> Product SKU> Model Number> Category> Brand> Unit> Barcode Type> Minimum Oder QTY> Max Order QTY> Point> Tag> Is Physical product> Weight Hight Info> Weight> Length> Breadth> Height> Additional Shipping Charge> Price Info & Stock> Selling Price> Discount> Discount Type> GST/ VAT/ TAX Group> Wholesale Price> Minimum QTY> Maximum QTY> Price Per Piece> Add More> Description> Specifications> SEO Info> Meta Title> Meta Description> Upload Meta Image> Save or Save & Publish.}   

If you want to add wholesale minimum or maximum quantity & price for the piece then go to the AmazCart dashboard to find the add new product option. 

1-  Add New Product

2- Product Information

3- Type can be single or variant.

4- Name

5- Product SKU means A Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is a unique identifier for a product, typically assigned by a retailer or manufacturer.

6- Model Number means a combination of letters, digits, or characters representing the manufacturer, brand, design, or performance of an appliance.

7- Category

8- Brand

9- Unit of measurement used for products.

10- Barcode Type means Universal Product Codes (UPC) Found on nearly every retail product, these barcodes were originally created for grocery stores to provide quick receipt printing and inventory tracking.

11- Minimum Oder QTY is defined as the product's lowest quantity. 

12- Max Order QTY means as product highest purchased countability. 

13- Points can gain as a customer for a better discount offer.

14- The tag can identify for search option

15- The Physical product can be marked or unmarked.

16- The weight Hight Info volume of the Product purchased shall be identical to the Wholesale Product.

17- Weight 

18- Length

19- Breadth

20- Height

21- Additional Shipping Charges are extra costs added to the shipping rate as established in shipping policies.

22- Price Info & Stock

23- Selling Price

24- Discount

25- Discount Type

26- GST/ VAT/ TAX Group means the Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST) are broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services.

27- Wholesale Price means the sum of a given product's cost price plus the manufacturer's profit margin.

28- Minimum QTY will be measured from the product price.

29- Maximum QTY will be preferred from the highest product that a customer can buy it. 

30- The price Per Piece will be variable depending on the product quantity. 

31- Add More is too important to measure to a bit of lower price.

32- Description is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it's worth purchasing.

33- Specification is a document with a set of requirements that provides product teams with the information they need to build out new features or functionality.

34- SEO Info helps ecommerce websites show up better in search engines like Google.

35- Meta Title is the field that is used by search engines as the title in their results.

36- Meta Description provides additional product-level information so your product can be found in searches.

37- Upload Meta Image

38- Save or Save & Publish. 

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Wholesale price:

Wholesale price is the price charged for a product as sold in bulk to large trade or distributor groups as opposed to what is charged to consumers. The wholesale price is the sum of a given product's cost price plus the manufacturer's profit margin.

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Product Extra Information:

This section is about writing product descriptions, optimizing images, and mastering most of the other elements of effective SEO. The picture below will guide covers what meta descriptions are, and how to write compelling meta descriptions and optimize your product for search engines.

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