21st Dec, 2022

Blog categories organize your site and allow readers to find the information they want. They're high-level topics that make it easy for people to understand your blog and navigate to the content that interests them. Think of it like a table of contents. Make sure people can easily navigate through your blog. 

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Blog> Blog Category> Add Blog Category> Category Name> Select Parent Category> Browse Image> Add> Blog Category list> SL> Image> Category> Action> Select.}  

The objects in a given category are different from one another, so reorganized the blog category. This category name is for articles about names and sub-categories relating to names. Fetch the parent categories in the select option drop-down. Browse your related blog post image; that post should definitely have an image unless you want to scare your readers away with a massive text blog. Click on the Add option to ensure the upload procedure. The blog category is the list you have already posted & choose the select option to edit your blog post to edit or delete it if you want.   

1- Blog Category

2- Add Blog Category

3- Category Name

4- Select Parent Category

5- Browse the Image

6- Add

7- Blog Category list

8- SL

9- Image

10- Category

11- Action

12- Select For Edit or Delete.