How Create Custom Roles and How To Assign Permissions to that specific Role In AmazCart.

4th Nov, 2022

In this option, you can create customized Instructor roles and grant permissions to any modules you see fit.

To add a new role, fill in the Role Name field and click on the Save button.

After clicking on the Save button, you should see the new role in the list of roles.

 You can Assign PermissionsEdit or Delete the User-defined roles by clicking on Select[1] > Assign Permission[2]Edit[3] or Delete[4]

You can permit roles to specific modules by clicking on Assign Permission[2].

You will be redirected to another page where you can permit the roles to any modules you see fit.

Just click on the modules that you want them to get access to. In this case, the Manager was granted access to the Dashboard and Zoom Module.

Now to save your Permissions, click on Submit.