How To Work Subscription Payment List

22nd Aug, 2023

Subscription Payment List:

Subscription payments, also called recurring payments, are automatic payments on a schedule. Particularly, subscription services tend to charge on a monthly or annual schedule, until a customer withdraws permission or cancels the subscription.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Manage Seller> Subscription Payment>  Subscription Payment List> SL> Seller> Subscription> Type> Date> Method> Amount> TRX ID> Is Approve.}

If you want to change the status of the subscription payment list then go to the AmazCart dashboard to find the manage seller section to click on the Subscription payment.

1- Subscription Payment

2-  Subscription Payment List

3- SL means serial number.

4- Seller

5- Subscription

6- Type

7- Date

8- Method

9- Amount

10- TRX ID means Each transaction processed by the gateway service provider is issued a reference known as a TrxID. This is typically a long alphanumeric code. It can be viewed as a visible column on the Debtors Transactions tab. The TrxID code is needed if you want to process a refund.

11- Is Approve. 

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