19th Jan, 2023


Ticket categories are support topics that are presented to users so they can more easily choose the area with which they need help. Ticket categorisation is a component of several support centre processes. Let’s look at a few examples of how you might set up your categories in different scenarios.

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Support Ticket> Category> Add New> Name> Status> Save> Category List> SL> Name> Status> Action> Select.}

If you want to set the categorizing your supportive ticket function then go to Category, you will see the new interface from Add New option to add a new category by putting a Name, and choosing the status of Active or inactive. 

1- Category

2- Add a New

3- Name

4- Status

5- Save

6- Category List

7- SL meaning Serial Number.

8- Name

9- Status

10- Action

11- Select For Edit or Delete.