Advocate SAAS


In the Dashboard, you will be able to see the total number of Clients[1], Lawyers[2], Contact[3], Running Cases[4], Waiting Cases[5], Closed Cases[6], Staff[7], and Pending tasks[8].In the Dashboard, You can review the yearly calendar. In Dashboard, you can easily add To-Do Lists.To add...

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In utilities, you can easily clear cache, log, or reset the database.The 3 options are:Clear Cache: You can clear caches from your browser by clicking on Clear Cache.Clear Log: You can clear logs from the system by clicking on Clear Log.Enable App Debug: You can easily enable debug...

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Wildcard Activation

You can easily configure wildcard from your cPanel.Firstly, just log in to your cPanel.Now, navigate to Subdomains under the Domains option.Now, you will get redirected to another page where you will have the option to create new Subdomains.To create a wildcard subdomain, just...

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Sub domain Setup

You can easily set up subdomains for your organization. To configure a subdomain for your organization, Firstly, you have to add a new organization (To know more about how to add a new organization, click - here) or select an organization that you already have in your ORGANIZATION LIST.In this ca...

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How To Configure Wildcard Sub Domain

You can easily configure wildcards from your Cpanel.Firstly, log in to your Cpanel.Now, navigate to Subdomains under the Domains option.Figure 1Now, you will get redirected to another page where you will have the option to create new Subdomains.Figure: 2Here we create a saas subdomain for our app...

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